This week was a busy week! Whether it was Venus passing by the Sun, our mission to document Mark Zuckerberg's summer, WWDC rumors, or the argument for free Xbox Live, there was no shortage of exciting news. Here are our top stories of the week.

Apple iOS 6: What's Needed, What's Coming

We know very little about iOS 6, the next version of the iPhone and iPad operating system that is likely to be unveiled at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference next week. So this is a list both of what we know, and what we want.
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We'll Pay You for Photos of Mark Zuckerberg

For someone who doesn't believe in privacy, Mark Zuckerberg is awfully guarded. He has made Facebook public by default, and yet his own public posts are few, far-between, and tend towards the anodyne. Facebook's share-everything CEO even went so far as to keep his recent wedding a secret from his own friends, presumably to avoid public scrutiny. For all his bluster about public sharing, Zuckerberg reveals very little of himself. That needs to change. More »

This Amazing Space Image Just Won the Internet

Not only this image wins the internet for the most amazing image of the Venus transit, but to me it's also one of the most impressive images in the history of astronomy and space exploration. The scale and the feeling left me in awe. More »

Bigpenis, and 6.5 Million Other Sad, Stupid Leaked LinkedIn Passwords

LinkedIn weakly admits still denies it was hacked, despite the fact that you can download a 270 MB list of all its hacked passwords. Was yours part of the list? That depends-was your password cockmaster? Find out below. More »

What's Apple Going to Announce Next Week?

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference kicks off on Monday, June 11. There will be lots of major announcements for sure, so get ready for an exciting summer. Here's what we know, what we think, and what we wish is coming. More »

There's Never Been a Worse Time to Buy a Laptop

If you're thinking about buying a laptop any time soon, don't. Just don't do it. We're at a unique point in history, where weird and wonderful new hardware and revolutionary platform changes of every stripe will converge over the next few months. More »

If You Kill Someone, Don't Google How to Do It First

A Florida couple accused of strangling a 19-year-old girl are almost certainly going to be convicted after leaving what amounts to the longest and most comprehensive trail of incriminating digital evidence we've ever seen. Sheesh, has nobody heard of incognito mode? More »

Dead Obese Woman Carried So Much Fat She Set Crematorium on Fire

As you'll well know if you barbecue very often, fat is extremely flammable. Normally, the human body doesn't carry enough of the stuff for it to be a problem during cremation-but recently, an obese woman from Austria carried so much weight that her fat burnt strongly enough to set a crematorium ablaze. More »

It's Time for Xbox Live Gold to Be Free

If you didn't catch Microsoft's press conference at E3 today, here's a brief recap: game, game, XBOX LIVE CONTENT STREAMING SPORTS MUSIC APPS, South Park game, exeunt. The message was clear: streaming services aren't just the sideshow anymore; they've got a spot in the main tent right alongside Master Chief. As of today, the Xbox 360 is officially one of the best set-top boxes in the world. So you know what? It's time to start acting like one. More »

What Is Xbox SmartGlass?

As expected, Microsoft just announced something called SmartGlass at E3. Less expected? Just how awesome SmartGlass turned out to be. What could have been just an Apple AirPlay imitation, is something more ambitious. Something that could change television forever. But what is it, exactly?
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