The truck weigh station, a common sighting when driving down the highway, is often a nondescript building, if not just an eyesore. But this weigh station in Norway, which fits perfectly into its natural environment, just looks like a lovely spot to hang out and weigh trucks.

Situated on an isolated stretch of land in the far north of Norway, Gullesfjord Weight Control Station lies on a key route between the mainland and Norway's remote islands. It also happens to be on the edge of a national park in a fragile environmental zone.

The designers at JVA – Vigsnaes AS Architects MNAL kept this all in mind when designing a building that would both serve important utilitarian functions while also blending into the gorgeous natural landscape. In the summer, the concrete roof is covered in vegetation. In winter, the building looks like just another snow-covered hill in the distance. Until a truck drives right into it. [ via ArchDaily]