This week's best iPhone apps have you prepared for the weather, with one that lets you tag and save outfits with the current conditions and another that tells you exactly when it's going to rain. There's also an update to a popular title, and much more.

Tumblr: A massive update that dropped this week has made Tumblr better than ever. It now works in offline mode, includes support for Spotify and high-res images, and is easier to tap. You're going to be blogging from your phone more often. Free

Cloth: Not only does this neat fashion app let you save, categorize, and catalog outfits, it also automatically tags them with the current conditions. So if you ever wonder if this skirt and shoes are okay, even though there's a torrential downpour outside, it will help you figure it out. Free

Carat: It sucks when you're that obnoxious person who shows up to dinner and has to find a spot to plug in your phone. But if you download Carat, you might never be in that boat again. It monitors your phone to tell you how every app is affecting your battery life. Then it suggests which ones to kill and how much time you'll gain if you do. Free

Raindropping: I frequently get caught without an umbrella, and end up drenched because I figure I'll be in the office during a storm. And now that might happen less often, because Raindropping is a new app that will tell you exactly when it's supposed to start raining where you are. It will even send you a notification up to six ours before the first drop falls. $0.99

Display Recorder: This one goes out to all the people helping their parents with their gadgets When you need to tell someone how to do something on an iPhone, sometimes it's hard to explain. But this app records what you're doing on your device, so you can help your mom learn how to use Netflix with a simple video demonstration. $1.99