Last week was Apple's week. This week was all Microsoft's. The company had some big announcements, including a new tablet and an update to it's Windows Phone OS, that got us plenty excited. But there were a few other gems that slipped in as well, including crystal clear potato chips. Here are our top stories of the week.

What Is Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft doesn't want to take any chances with Windows 8-if it's going to be the best tablet OS ever, it's going to need some serious hardware. So Microsoft is getting serious and building its own tablet. Meet Surface. More »

A Complete Guide to Sexting

We all want to have sex with each other all the time, but we can't. So we transfer our screw-and-fondle energy into our smartphones-often with disastrous, humiliating results. It doesn't have to be this way. Here's how to sex-text like a champion. More »

Apple's Next iPhone Home Page Will Probably Look Like This

Get used to this. Come October, it could be Apple's home page for the entire winter. Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek has rendered new images of the new iPhone 2012-or iPhone 5, or, most probably just iPhone-to make it look like bona fide Apple eye candy. More »

Microsoft Is the Most Exciting Company in Tech, Hands Down

I never thought I'd ever hear myself utter such words post-1995. But after Monday's reveal of the Surface tablet-complete with an ultra-thin, pressure-sensitive keyboard cover and the most discreet integrated kickstand ever-and today's Windows Phone 8 announcement-which will be based on the same underpinnings as the Windows RT part of Windows 8-I'm a believer that Microsoft is the most innovative consumer tech company right now. More »

The Greatest T-Shirt in the World

When you think about wool, you probably conjure up images of warm sweaters, scratchy socks, or bald sheep. But certainly not a breezy, summerweight t-shirt, right? Change the way you think. This is the greatest t-shirt in the history of the world. More »

The Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Is the Best of Any Phone

I love Windows Phone 7's start screen: neatly organized square tiles that clearly show information in real time-from emails to photos to weather to travel progress-without having to click on applications. With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has solved my only criticism: not enough information density. And it have done so without destroying Metro's simplicity and elegance. More »

Why a Keyboard-not a Processor or Screen or Anything Else-Is the Only Way to Beat Apple

The killer (or be killed) feature of that new Microsoft Surface for Windows RT is its keyboard. The tablet itself is a wonderful device. It's got a great body and a (seemingly) fast processor. But input is everything. More »

Microsoft Surface Just Made the MacBook Air and the iPad Look Obsolete

Microsoft has guts. It's what you get when you're the underdog; either that or you curl into a RIM and die. Microsoft is the underdog because no matter how many hundreds of millions of people use its software, the cool and the future belong to Apple. Or belonged. After yesterday's Surface event-assuming they don't fumble the execution-Gates' children may have found the weapon to stop the heirs of Jobs and turn the tide. Or at least make things exciting for everyone again. More »

How to Make Crystal Clear Potato Chips

The results might look like some kind of fancy sugary confection, but this detailed Instructable shows you how to make a see-through snack that tastes exactly like potato chips. Minus the fat, greasy fingers, and guilt. More »

Hands On With Microsoft Surface for Windows RT

Microsoft's event today was long on promise and short on specs. RAM? We dunno. Processor speed? We dunno. Price? We dunno. Release date? We dunno. But even a very brief hands-on made something abundantly clear: It's a super solid device and if Microsoft can deliver what it demoed, the iPad finally has a real competitor and Android has a big goddamn problem. More »

The IKEA TV Reviewed: Worse Than Assembling 100 Bookshelves at Once

Uppleva, Ikea's magical TV-cum-entertainment center meatball, won't be arriving in America until next year. Fortunately, we've got an early review from friends in Sweden. The bad news: it's really bad. More »