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The Best iPhone Apps June 2012

The end of the month is here, and that means it's time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps. Which ones were tops?


Chrome: At long last, Google has finally launched Chrome for iOS. The browser includes many of the same features you enjoy on the desktop, such as password sync, tab sharing, and incognito mode. Free

Cloth: You like that dress, but does it work for a rainy day? Cloth will help you figure it out, saving and categorizing your outfits and automatically tagging them with the current weather. Free

Yahoo Time Traveler: It's tough to make an itinerary for a trip if you're not familiar with the city. This app solves that dilemma. You can choose from 29 cities, pick a starting and ending point, allot the time you have, and it will give you a custom plan along with all the information you need. Free

App in the Air: Though the airport is a bleak place, this makes it better giving you vital info, like where to get the best food, or how to go about getting a wi-fi connection. You'll can also track your flight, monitor your airline miles, and keep tabs on anything else you need when you're traveling. Free

Amazon Cloud Player: If you're storing your stuff in Amazon's cloud locker, listening to music hasn't been very convenient, until now. Amazon this month finally released a proper iPhone app. Free

Loopcam: Gifs are fun, but they're meant to be shared. This app lets you animate them, then spread them all over your social networks. Free

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The Best Android Apps June 2012

It's a new month and that means new apps.


Flipboard: After a long wait, Flipboard has made its way to Android. The new version pulls together all Twitter feeds and helps you keep up with publications you follow. There's also support here for Google+ (if you care) and YouTube. Free

CloudOn: Do need to word processing on your tablet? This app allows you to create, edit, and view files from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, all on your tablet. You can also view all kinds of types of files, from JPGs to PDFs, and you can sync your stuff on Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or wherever you stash your data. Free

CoinKeeper: Here's an app to match the Nikes you're sporting. CoinKeeper maps out your runs, tracks your progress, and motivates you to move those feet faster. Free

Turntable.fm: You've got another choice for a reader app on your Android device. The popular bookmarking tool landed on the Google platform this month, and it looks a lot like its iOS counterpart. Free

Kicksend: It's easy use your phone to share just one photo or video to a friend, but what about an entire set? Kicksend lets you send large batches of photos and videos to your friends in one fell swoop. Free

Songkick Concerts: You'll never miss a favorite band coming to town with this app. It scans your music library and your accounts on Spotify, Pandora, and other places to find out what you like. Then it tells you when musicians you like have gigs in your city. Free

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The Best iPad Apps June 2012

Here are the iPad apps you should download to play on your new iPad.


National Parks by National Geographic: Doesn't matter if it's Glacier, Yellowstone, Zion, or Yosemite-National Parks are awesome. This app, which just launched for the iPad, is an interactive guide to these wonderful places. It can help you plan a trip or just give you a glimpse of a world unknown to you. Free

Condition One: Have you ever wondered what's happening outside of the shot in a video? This is a really wonderful gyroscopic app that lets you explore the clip and look at footage from different perspectives. With simple swipes and taps, you can watch full-motion video at 180 degrees, panning and zooming as you please. Free

Vjay: MTV's Making the Video might be off-air, but you can still make your own music videos with this app. Use your own footage or pre-loaded footage, buy new clips from iTunes, and stream them to your Apple TV or home theater. $9.99

Packing Pro: We've all been there-you go on vacation, you open your suitcase, and realize you forgot your underwear. This app will make sure you never do that, letting you make simple packing lists for all your excursions. $2.99

Google Drive: If you're using Google's cloud storage system, you'll definitely want to access your stuff from your iPad. You can now, thanks to the new iOS app released at I/O. Free

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