The thermometer might sail past the 100 degree mark today, but the last place you want to be on the Fourth of July is indoors. Even if it's refreshingly air conditioned in there.

And since nothing beats the heat like a drink in hand, here are some of the best ways to cool your beverage of choice while you celebrate the nation's independence under the sun's unrelenting heat.

How To Make Ice Cubes Shaped Like Tiny Baby Heads

When it comes to serving a chilled drink, you can use cube-shaped ice like adults do-or you can show your eternal youth with custom ice replicas of your favorite toys. More »

The Best Ice Cube Tray of All Time

It's pretty much summertime. It's hot out. You want a cold drink. You need ice to make your drink cold. Here lies the best tray for slinging cubes. Ahhhhhhhhhh. More »

Make Tonic Ice Cubes to Keep Cocktails Flavorful, Tasty, and Chilled

If you like to nurse your cocktails and enjoy them but hate how diluted they get as your ice starts to melt, this tip from the folks at The Kitchn can keep your tasty beverages flavorful and delicious even as the ice melts... More »

Use Richard Branson's Severed Head to Cool Your Drink

I'm not sure about you, but I find the idea of having an effigy of Sir Richard Branson floating in my beverage a tad creepy. The fancy new ice cubes, shaped like the British entrepreneur's severed head, will adorn the drinks upper class customers of Virgin Atlantic... More »

Over-Engineered Trays Create Crystal Clear Ice-One Cube At a Time

If you prefer your ice cubes to be free of cloudy bubbles and have loads of free time on your hands, the Polar Ice Cube Tray promises frozen perfection, one ice cube at a time. More »

The Barbuzzo Ice Straw Tray Makes My Head Hurt-and Not from the Brain Freeze

Sometimes adding functionality makes things less useful. Does my candy really need to be both Sweet and Tart? No. Just like my drinking straw doesn't need to also be an ice cube. More »

Image by SunnyS/Shutterstock