It might be so hot you can't even think. The good news is, you don't have to, because you can just gaze at all the lovely things in this week's round of most beautiful items. From a raindrop installation to a constellation lampshade, there are plethora of pretty things for you to take in.

Marine-Inspired Table Lamps Resemble Fireflies Caught in a Jar

The Boya table lamp by Outofstock Design features a solid wood based made of either reclaimed oak or reclaimed maple, and a sheer lampshade of grey-tinted blown glass. Inspired by nautical beacons and marine buoys, these diminutive table lamps call to mind the juxtaposition of boat and sea, with the rough wooden bases and ocean-water colored glass tops. More

Lovely Copper LED Lamp Comes with Its Own Personal Power Outlet

Ideally, my desk would be a clean space-populated by only my MacBook Air and nothing else. But this little retro-futuristic copper lamp with en suite power outlet might be the beautiful exception. More

Great Lines, Plenty of Light, and Absolutely Zero Moths: The House of Cedar

This timber-framed house in Osaka looks a bit like the unfinished blueprint for a Mondrian painting. And though it might appear as though it's incomplete, that's how it was intended. More

Graphic Designers Will Love Hate This Gradient-Covered Cabinet

The Shift cabinet is a pretty simple piece as far as form and materials go-it's MDF in the shape of a rectangle. More

Constellation Lampshade Projects the Starry Sky Across Your Ceiling

If you live in a big city with enough streetlights to drown out the stars for miles in all directions, you can still catch a glimpse of the cosmos in the comfort of your own home with Anna Farkas' 2500 Watt lampshade. More

Transfixing Airport Installation Makes Going Through Security Actually Pleasant

Nope, it's not a museum. The mesmerizing video above is of "Kinetic Rain," an installation in Terminal 1 of Singapore's Changi Airport. More

An 18th Century Spanish Church Gets a Thoroughly Modern Makeover

The crumbling centuries-old Sant Francesc Church and Convent, built in the first part of the Eighteenth Century in the Catalan town of Santpedor, was saved from near demolition, instead receiving a super modern makeover by Catalan architect David Closes. More