Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are all well and good but, for Giz reader John W., the true realization of the American dream will only come about when he can watch television from his throne—no, not his Lay-Z-Boy, his bathroom throne.

So here's the deal, John is currently remodeling his bathroom and wants to install a television that can be viewed either from the toilet or the tub without getting in the way of normal bathroom usage and without electrocuting anybody. However, he's run into a snag as to how to most easily and inexpensively to actually install the set. That's where the Gizmodo hivemind comes in. We've included the system requirements and space restrictions below as well as some shots of the bathroom in its current state. If you were going to create this setup, how would you do it?


Let us know in the comments below, we'll pick out the best ideas, John will implement them, and then we'll put together a guide so that all Gizmodians can install their own toilet TVs.


TV in the 22-26" range with speakers attached.
Only occupy 2 outlets Max (perfer one)
Everything must mount on an adjustable wall mount that moves up down and side to side (so it can be seen from the tub or the toilet)
Would like to keep it as flush to the wall as possible the room is not very big.
Must be able to access NAS for movies and music
Must be able to access netflix, amazon streaming, youtube etc.
have some sort of waterproof (or resistant) medium for operting from the tub.
DVD player would be nice but not required.

Top Image: Sergey Mironov / Shutterstock