Today's high tech football kit may be magnitudes more protective than the bits of molded cow skin you see here but they're not nearly as intimidating. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 early examples of these bad ass cranial caretakers.

When you're done knocking around in here, be sure to check out these armored face masks, these aviator helmets, and these diving helmets.

Spalding lattice helmet from 1893


1900s 'Aviator'-Style Leather Football Helmet

1900s Spalding 'Rain Cap'-Style Leather Football Helmet


1900 Spalding Moleskin and Leather Flat-Top Football Helmet

Late 1910-1920's GoldSmith Dog-Ear Style Leather Football Helmet


Rare 1920s 'Executioner' Leather Football Helmet

Full face executioner style football helmet


United States Tanker's Helmet 1938

This is actually not a football helmet but a military one based on a football one. It shows things going full circle since the original helmets were inspired by gladiators.


1950's Peerless Sporting Goods Football Helmet

The modern form starts to emerge


1956 Lucite Face Mask Helmet

Leather football helmet from 1961-1963

1960s - faceguard becomes standard.


Michael Princip Bulwark Anti Concussion Helmet