Got the summer blues? This round of the best iPhone apps of the week will cheer you up. We've got one to ease your election season fatigue, a new version of a popular game, and more.

London 2012 Results App : The Olympics are almost here, and you'll want to be ready with apps that'll make you an informed fan. In this one you can get medal counts, event results, schedules, and all the stats you'll want to know about every competition. Free

Sworkit: Stuck in an exercise rut? Sworkit will give you randomly-generated circuit training workouts to keep you fit. Designate the length of your session, determine areas you want to work on, and you'll feel like less of a slave to your expensive gym. Free


Comedy Central's Indecision Game: Bad news: we still have four agonizing months until the presidential election. Ugh. Good news: it's a little more bearable with Comedy Central's coverage of the nationwide three-ring circus, and now they've come out with a game to help you make it through. Free


Tiny Wings 2: Mastered the first version? No problem. The second round of Tiny Wings has 15 totally new levels, new birds, fish, and more. Free