As much as Twitter has grown over the years, it's still a pretty bare bones service. Take for example its take on famous accounts, all Twitter does is slap a verified tag on it. But isn't there more potential there? Couldn't Twitter use verified badges to categorize Twitter accounts? College Humor thought so and cooked up these hilarious badges.

To cover all the bases, College Humor created verified badges for self explanatory titles like Out of Touch Corporate Accounts, SEO Experts, Legitimately Funny Accounts, Firebrands (people about to screw up basically), Disappointing Accounts, Clever Single-Serving Blogs, etc.

But you don't have to stop there! What about "Constantly Being Chased By an Angry Hawk"? That's for the inane folks who do inane things like spelling words incorrectly. Or the "Big Fucking Deal" badge? That's for the self-congratulators who pimp their own Twitter popularity. See, if Twitter needs to find a way to make money, creating these badges would be a very good start. [College Humor]