I'm With Neil - The Phenomenauts

I'll bet Michio Kaku is super pissed right now that he doesn't have his own theme song.

How Illegal Is Weed in My State?

Depending on how progressive a legislature your fellow constituents have elected, your home stat may or not be down with the MMJ. So, before you get caught holding the bag (literally), know what the laws are in your LOC. [WPD]

Batman: Nightwing

Batman's "prodigal son" takes on the Red Hood in this five minute fan art project. [Nerd Approved]

LA Bans Dispensaries (for the Moment)

The Los Angeles City Council voted 14-0 in favor of "banning" medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits and forcing the hundreds of clubs operating in the area to shutter their businesses. Well, I guess that's that. Unless, of course, you consider the fact that California state proposition 215 and SB 420 both expressly prohibit the outright banning of clubs by local municipalities. Like a troika doll of competing statues, the city council's ruling is voided by the state law which itself is voided by federal mandate. So I guess that in this situation, two wrongs do make a legal right. [NY Daily News]

Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge Concert - 1970

This July 30th set is likely one of Hendrix's final before his death in September of that year. h/t Bubba_Fett