There's plenty of awesomeness in this edition of the best iPhone apps. Whether it's a way to convince your kids to do their chores, or a beautiful way to check the weather, you'll have plenty of new titles to add to your iPhone.

Chameleon Clock: Careful. If you don't look closely enough you might miss it—a clock that uses its camera to blend in with its surroundings. While there are tons of timekeeper apps around, this one does it in a very unique way, displaying its background as its face. $0.99

iFit: Have that old faithful running route that you never want to forget? iFit will let you recreate it indoors, down to details like distance and elevation. This fitness app also counts calories and keeps you on pace with a metronome as you amble along. The only hard part is actually getting off your butt. $1.99

Solar: The iPhone's native weather app does its job well enough. And the Weather Channel app gives you every piece of data you could ever imagine. But they're not much to look at. Solar, by contrast, is exquisitely designed. It has color schemes that reflect the weather, and it responds to intuitive touch-based controls. $0.99

Flock: There's that one friend you always have to beg to finally email or upload pics. But if you have this app you'll never have that problem again. It figures out who you're Facebook friends with and finds the ones that have the same camera metadata as you (time and location), and adds all those images to the same album like magic. Free

ChoreMonster: Your damn kids never want to set the table. So the only logical thing to do is to resort to some good old fashioned bribery. Here your youngsters can earn points to cash in on real-live prizes you've established, whether it's an extra hour of TV or a trip to the zoo. Free