Try to keep up with the endless torrent of video content on the web each day, and your brain could melt. Let us ease your fatigue with a selection of the best videos of the week. Enjoy!

The Most Spectacular Night View of Earth Ever Captured by NASA

I've seen plenty of time lapse videos from the International Space Station. None of them were even near the amazing beauty of this one. Play it at full screen and high definition-just the opening Star Wars-like shot will leave you in awe.

This Artificial Jellyfish Was Built Using Rat Cells

Scientists have managed to build an artificial jelly fish entirely from rat cells, which can pulse and swim when exposed to an electric field, just like its living counterpart.

Why Spiderman's Strong-as-Steel Webs Are Mathematically Possible

When you're watching the Spiderman movies, you hardly ever stop to think about whether Peter Parker could actually physically swing from buildings on threads of silk. C'mon! Suspend your disbelief! It's a superhero movie! Jeez. Except as this mathematics professor points out, it's freaking possible.

This Must Be the Stupidest Way to Fire One of the World's Deadliest Cannons

This is the 155mm Field Howitzer 77. It's one of the deadliest artillery pieces in the world. It was manufactured by Swedish weapons company Bofors in the 80s, but this model is new-a complete mechanical and electronics overhaul over the old one.

The Science of Power Naps

The concept of the power naps divides opinion: some people firmly stand by them, while others think they offer no tangible benefit at all. If you're a doubter, this video may be enough to convince you that they really do work.

Watch More Celebrities Read the Mean Tweets People Send Them

For famous people, Twitter is a medium where they can pretend like they're 'connecting' with their fans while actually shilling products for cash monies, retweeting how great they are and... receiving hate tweets from anonymous Twitter snipers. So here's a bunch of celebrities reading the hate tweets they receive on Jimmy Kimmel.

American Psycho with Android Phones Is Totally Perfect

If American Psycho is a pitch-perfect satirization of 80s yuppyism and excess, then this parody video from Tech Radar is a spot-on representation of what it's like buying a smartphone right now.

Image: Shutterstock, user: Vlue