This week's batch of Android is full of guilty pleasures. Between a gluttonous new titles and your old favorite video game, you're phone will have plenty of new ways to kill time.

Out of Milk: Like many of us here at Gizmodo, you probably forget to buy groceries. And often. This app will let you make lists so you don't space on that food you so desperately need to stock your fridge with. Free

Final Fantasy: You can now play the original FF, first released in 1987, from your Android phone. Guide the Warriors of Light in their quest, with many of the same features you know and love. $6.99

IntelliRing: Don't you hate missing a call because you're phone was stuffed in your backpack? This smart app pumps up the volume on your ringer when it's in your bag and automatically lowers it when you pull it out. No more excuses not to pick up (unless of course you need one). $1.99

London 2012 Predictor: Lochte or Phelps? USA or Spain? Guess which competitors will prove victorious and challenge your Facebook pals to friendly bets in this Olympics app. Free

Epic Meal Time: Deep-friend bacon wrapped pizza? I mean, ok! Your favorite ridiculous food YouTube show now has an Android game. Avoid veggies and broaden your horizons to the most gluttonous fare imaginable or you'll lose. Deliciously fun. $1.99