When you sink a boatload of cash into new hardware for your PC, why lock it all up where it can't see the light of day? With this transparent, passive cooling rig, you can keep it on display for yourself and envious friends.

The upcoming ACB-type3, made by Scythe, is a step beyond just having a window built into your case. Made of 5mm thick acrylic, it's got all the bays you might need for your various drives. Pair this puppy up with a cooling tower and you'll have a system setup that's not only great to look at, but also handy if you like to fiddle with your PC's innards.


The case is due to release soon, and will run you around $85, a small price to pay for form and function. In the meanwhile, better dust off your SSD and get that sucker ready for its day in the sun. [FanlessTech]