It's Friday, which means for it's time for a new round of iPhone apps. This time around, we're giving you plenty of goodness. Between an app that gives you fake numbers, and an iPhone version of one of your old favorite magazines, you'll have plenty of new titles to download.

Burner: We've all been in that hard spot where some weirdo asks for your digits, and though you don't want to give it to him, you have to because he's going to call you immediately to make sure you have his. Avoid this problem completely with Burner, an app that gives you temporary numbers that you can kill at any time. $1.99

New Yorker: The longstanding publication has been on the iPad for almost two years, and now it's finally available in iPhone size. It's the same mag you know and love, with the usual extras like audio, video, and the cartoon gallery. As an added bonus, the first issue is free. And there's a launch video featuring Lena Dunham and John Hamm. Subscription

Obama for America: With election day three months away, it's time to pick your pony. This well-designed app from the Obama campaign spells out the big issues like the economy, women's health, and health care, and explains how you can get involved in your area. November really can't get here soon enough. Free

Twheel: You follow like 500 people on Twitter and sometimes you miss important tweets. Twheel visualizes the relevance of these posts in brightly colored graphics, so you never gloss over the messages you want to see. Free

Setlist: Even if you miss a band you like concert, you want to know what they played. This app fills you in, by linking to your Rdio account, and automatically showing you what Jay-Z, for example, included in his last gig. Free