The Mars Rover Curiousity landed safely this week, and surprisingly, some other things still managed to happen as well. Between massive security exploits regarding Amazon and Apple, a terrifyingly odd message written on an airplane wing, a stupid DMCA takedown, and yes, a bunch of Mars Rover stuff, a lot went down. Catch the juiciest bits below.

This 281-Gigapixel Image Depicts an Entire Animal at the Cellular Level

This might just look like a microscope image of some strange, small life-form. But actually its a view of a massive 281-gigapixel image of a zebrafish embryo, which can be zoomed in on to show sub-cellular levels of detail. More »

Curiosity Opens Her Eyes for the First Time

Great news keep coming from the red planet. Curiosity has opened her eyes for the first time. She took a good look around her and decided that life is good in Mars-albeit a bit lonely. More »

Guy Orders TV from Amazon, Gets Giant Assault Rifle Instead

Talk about a dealzmodo! DC resident Seth Horvitz bought a new HDTV on Amazon, but when he opened the peculiarly not-TV-shaped box, he found a $2,000 Sig Sauer SIG716 semi-automatic rifle instead, DCist reports. A mistake has been made.
More »

Why Do the Mars Rover's Images Look So Bad?

A lot of people are wondering why the first color image from the Mars Curiosity Rover looks so murky. Or why the black and white pictures look so low-resolution and out of focus in some areas. Calm yourselves. They will look absolutely amazing soon, perfect and in high-def. More »

This Is How the iPhone 5 Might Look in Your Hand

We have published mockups of Apple's next iPhone-before. But these are the definitive ones, showing what the iPhone 5 or whatever it is called would look like in your hand. More »

Why Are All the Olympic Athletes Wearing Bright Green Shoes?

If you were wondering why so many of the track and field athletes at the Olympics were wearing bright green shoes, here's why: they're all Nike athletes. And Nike has decided to go uniform across the globe on bright green shoes to grab your attention (and your dollars). It's probably working. More »

The Mars Curiosity Rover Has LANDED!

The Mars Curiosity has landed-a phenomenal success that completes an incredible journey against all odds. NASA still has the chops to make interplanetary magic happen. More »

NASA's Official Mars Landing Video Got Taken Off YouTube Over Bogus Copyright Claims

The Curiosity Rover may have landed safely on the surface of Mars, but like all good things, it's not invulnerable to completely bogus DMCA takedown requests. More »

Crazy Message Left On Broken Wing By Alaska Airlines' Maintenance Crew

It may look like a joke played on passengers, but it's not: an Alaska Airlines' maintenance crew servicing a Boeing 737 cut out part of its wing and then wrote "We Know About This" next to it. Then, they sent the jetliner on a flight. More »

Apple and Amazon Know About a Massive Hack Exploit-And Have Done Nothing (Updated)

Gizmodo alumnus Mat Honan got hacked this weekend. It was bad. But that's not the worst part. Worse is that Apple knows exactly how easy this is, and hasn't done a thing to stop it. And Amazon accounts are in just as much danger. More »