No, this isn't the beginning of a Jack Kerouac bio-pic—this is the dopeness our eyes feasted our eyes on this week.

Who Knew an Oversized Sewing Box Could Make Such an Awesome Desk?

At first glance, the Klippen Klappen desk looks like a small box on a metal base that wouldn't serve much purpose as a desk. But as you unfold its layers, what was once a glorified side table becomes a fully functional workspace.
Inspired by the design of old-school sewing boxes, Gregor... More »


This Lovely Lighting Perfectly Complements a Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase is a gorgeous feature of this Beirut home. And .PSLAB has made the gem even better, by adding a modern circular chandelier above it. More »


10 of History's Most Beautiful Typewriters

Typewriters are intricate machines-complex little boxes that require an abundance of ingenuity to produce. They are often beautiful, and they occasionally find wildly imaginative ways to conduct the delicate dance between the hammers and the keys. More »


Gorgeous Coffee Maker Is More Obsessed About Water Temperature Than You Are

There are a lot of variables that go into brewing the perfect cup of coffee. And unless you fancy yourself an aficionado, you probably don't sweat the details. More »


How Humans Kept Time At the Olympics Before Machines Did All the Work

In 2009, Usain Bolt "shattered" Tyson Gay's world record in the 100-meter dash by a whopping .11 seconds. How do we know that? Because an ultra-precise, automated timekeeping machine told us so. More »