Legal wrangling in the technology world is making increasingly less sense. In March, Canadian company Mitel struck Facebook with a patent lawsuit. Now, The Next Web is reporting that Facebook is countersuing Mitel over two patents it believes are also being infringed.

So far, so normal. But there's a weird twist. From The Next Web:

Interestingly, both those patents were acquired by Facebook for $550 million in April 2012, about a month after Mitel filed the initial lawsuit. The seller was Microsoft, but the Redmond software giant had just acquired the patents from AOL in a transaction valued at $1 billion for the entire portfolio.

So basically Facebook got sued by Mitel, bid for AOL's patents, lost the auction to Microsoft, ended up buying a portion of AOL patents from Microsoft, and is now countersuing Mitel alleging the infringement of two of them.

All of which is kind of amusing but ultimately incredibly childish. Also: shouldn't there be some kind of rule against doing that kind of thing anyway? Either way, please, please, please make these kinds of lawsuits stop. Thanks. [The Next Web]