PSY - Gangnam Style

Now that! That is how you ride an invisible pony with authority.

Facebook Legalizes Pro-Weed Ads

Facebook announced Monday that it will once again allow the Just Say Now marijuana legalization ads on its site. The ad campaigns have been banned from Facebook since 2010 because they feature images of the plants. However, Just Say Now supporters, as well as those from Students for Sensible Drug Policy, recently submitted a 15,000-signature petition to bring back the ads.


Both the EFF and the ACLU of Northern California met with Facbook executives last week as well. "Their position was very clear — and we certainly applaud it — which is that Facebook is a neutral platform," ACLU staff attorney Linda Lye told HuffPo. "It does not weigh in on political advocacy, and it was a mistake to reject the ads." [HuffPo via 420 Times - Image - AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA / Shutterstock]

You'll Never Guess Where Police Found This Massive Grow

Where else but in a Mousolini-era tunnel running directly under the Italian Central Bank in Rome? Police shut down the $3.7 million operation last week but have inspired the premise for the next Oceans—what are we up to now, 25?—film. [Guardia di Finanza via BoingBoing]

Sick Leave - Jake Fried

This latest release from artist Jake Fried stays true to his Stream of Consciousness style as it barrels through a tunnel of ink and white-out. Check out hte rest of his work at Inkwood. [Cartoon Brew]

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs

It's a veritable who's who of cacophonous cackles and required viewing for all up and coming villains.