The best thing Gizmodo has ever published was Joel Johnson's "Bias Journalism" post. It was just so damn honest. So heartfelt. So well-written. The language is beautiful and evocative and brutal. Oh so brutal! And it's also just so Gizmodo.

I mean, what other site would publish a post that directly attacked its readers? It's the kind of thing that every writer I know wants to write but typically is not given the freedom to. And the thing is, as much as it was confrontational, it was also ultimately a piece that in my mind established Gizmodo as a trustworthy source. It said, yes, we will be so honest with you that we will even tell you when you are full of shit, readers. Nobody else does that. It's beautiful. Also Joel Johnson is a horrible, horrible human being who utterly failed to do anything else meaningful with his very long time at Gizmodo, where he returns again and again, as he is basically unemployable elsewhere and this is basically a pity vote. Fuck that guy.

You Write 'Bias Journalism' and I Read 'Derp

Mat Honan is a senior writer at Wired's Gadget Lab. He is wonderful and we miss him.