If you love the big screen of the Galaxy Note, you're going to love the (rumored) larger 5.5-inch (!!!!!) screen of the Galaxy Note 2 even more. Here's a leaked photo of it. It's really big. That about does it.

KnowYourMobile says the phone—very close to becoming a small tablet, roughly the size of a young guinea pig—"will feature a quad-core processor, presumably Samsung's Exynos 4 Quad, as well as 2GB of RAM and Samsung's next-generation S-Pen technology." None of that really matters, because people just want a big phone. A phone that's big. Start warming up your fingers before it arrives on and possibly damages store shelves at the end of the year.


According to some clever analysis from Android Central, this is just a mock-up, though one that very likely will look much like the final result. Apologies for the confusion.