To All My Haters

Hate, hate, hate, hate![The High Definite]

Herbie Hancock- Live in Europe at Stravinski Hall- Montreux '97

or "How to Play Four Songs in 70 minutes and Still Be Totally Worth It"

Bukowski: Born into This

Charles Bukowski is the best damn poet you've never heard of.

Watch The World's Best Chess Player Get His Ass Handed to Him Over a Pussy Riot

And Russia once again proves it is still unclear on the whole "democracy" concept. Gary Kasparov, if you weren't aware, is the numero uno chess champion in the world in addition to being a paramilitary punching bag. He's currently being held and the Pussy Riot trio, the punk band currently on trial for pulling off an impromptu concert in an Orthodox Church, have been sentenced to two years in prison apiece. Doesn't really matter for what—namely because Russia. Check out the video here. Image - Olaf Koens

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Live! (1999)

The one where he plays all his greatest hits.