Another week, another round of best Android apps. This time we're assaulting you with an arsenal of wonderful titles, from something to help you get through election season, something to make you fatter, and so much more.

WWE: If you like watching people smash chairs into each other's skulls, you might enjoy the Gathering of the Juggalos. And this WWE app, which has tons of pics and videos, as well as profiles on your favorite wrestlers. Free

PolitiCards: If you want to avoid stabbing yourself in the eyes to avoid seeing any more outlandish political coverage before November gets here, you've got to find a way to enjoy it. This is like solitaire but with quippy graphics that lampoon the election and satirize ridiculous politicians. It's a fun time killer and a possible distraction from this circus-like season. $0.99

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Maybe you have some pent up agression you need to relieve. Maybe you have a prejudice against zombies. If only there was a place you could take care of both of those things. Funny, now there is, in the form of this iteration of the COD franchise. $6.99

Dunkin Donuts: Try to argue that donuts are not delicious. You can't do it! It's scientifically impossible! Dunkin Donuts is doing its part to contribute to America's obesity epidemic by launching an app that lets you order ahead, pay, and find other DD locations for those times you find yourself in the middle of a pastry emergency. Free

Pinterest: Sup Pinners. Your favorite hobby hit the iPad this week, but it wasn't just iOS getting some DIY inspiration love. The online bulletin board finally landed on Android. Free