Hey stop right there. We have a pletora of pretty things to show you. From an old water tank that has new life as a loft, to a carbon fiber core axe, here are your most beautiful items of the week.

Wood Carved Maps Won't Help You Navigate, But They're Lovely

Maps are an essential tool for navigating, but they can also just be flat out beautiful. You see the ins and outs of different neighborhoods and get a clue how a city unfolded and developed. While the cleverly named Neighborwood maps of different cities aren't something you're going to stick in your back pocket next time you're visiting a new place, they're certainly something lovely to display in your home. More

Wood A Carbon Fiber Core Makes This Axe Lean and Mean

Aside from a few innovations in materials, axe design has been something that's gone relatively unchanged for awhile now. But a new concept, dubbed the Zai Core, from designer Kacper Hamilton, which makes use of carbon fiber in the handle and a series of interchangable carbon steel blades, breathes new life into an old object. More

Used Sprinkler Tank House Sees New Life as a Gorgeous Rooftop Loft in NYC

Brian Messana's gorgeous latest project, Tank House, is the quintessential NYC remodel: a renovated existing apartment plus the addition of an old, used sprinkler tank house, completing repurposed as a gorgeous, glistening rooftop loft escape. More

You Will Never Look Better Drinking Coffee Than With This Cup

You could be dressed in rags, filthy from weeks of no bathing, reeking to high heaven. But I'm fairly confident that if you had the Wave Mug in your hand, the world would be so enthralled with that object that they'd be oblivious to your squalor. More

How Tall Can a Skyscraper Really Get?

YThe tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is a whopping 828 meters tall, and in 2018, the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia aims to top it by going to 1,000 meters. Is there a practical limit to this architectural oneupsmanship? More