This week's edition of the best iPhone apps is special because every single title is free. From a couple of tools to sniff out who's behind political ads, to a witty selection of the day's best stories, we've got plenty of gratis goodness for you this time around.

Ad Hawk: The closer we get to November, the more political ads we'll be bombarded with. While those TV and radio spots might sound benign, they might be paid for some totally sketchy, totally extreme organization. Ad Hawk, from the Sunlight Foundation, will tell you exactly what group is paying for them Free

Super PAC: Continuing on the same path of political transparency, this app works like Shazam, but for political ads. In this case, it will listen to the ad playing and inform you which PACs are footing the bills for which ads. Free

NextDraft: From the mind of Dave Pell, NextDraft gives you the top 10 stories of the day with a unique, witty perspective. Dave hand-picks each story and the app delivers you a new digest each day. Free

Mixel: A lot of photo collage apps like this are tacky, but Mixel is actually kind of cool. It lets you select photos from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your phone, and automagically turns them into a neatly-arranged panel. Don't like it? You can choose from six different styles and shuffle around the order of the pics to your liking. Free

Hairstyle Magic Mirror: This app made the cut for no other reason than this has been a really terrible day. And sometimes you need to laugh at something so utterly silly. This joins the ranks of apps that give you a fat face and make you look old. Now you can be a punk rocker or a mullet apologist, sporting whichever hairstyle you like. Free