Another week, another deluge of news. With more iPhone 5 rumors swirling around, a kid losing a $675,000 copyright lawsuit, and an important step being made towards the fountain of youth, there's a lot to sift through, but this list should help. Oh, and Apple won their patent lawsuit big time, but you've probably heard all about that already. Non-patent related goodness below.

Leaked iPhone 5 Part Fitting Perfectly Into Leaked iPhone 5 Case Might Mean That This Really Is the Next iPhone

We've seen this rumored two-tone, elongated unibody design so many times that it'll be surprising if the next iPhone doesn't look like this. And now we have even more possible evidence that this really is the next iPhone: the leaked parts that popped up on Friday fit perfectly inside the leaked body that's been floating around. More »

Every Positive Headphone Review Ever

It seems everywhere you look there's a new pair of headphones: either named after a celebrity or celebrating the venerable heritage of an audiophile marque you and your friends all pretend to have heard of. The TK*headphones by TK Celeb-Slash-Established-Audio-Firm are different because of TK inane difference that doesn't really matter to you at all. But you will pretend it does, because you are trying to justify spending $200 on headphones. More »

They Finally Made a Flying Star Wars Speeder Bike!

This is insane. I keep watching this video again and again, and my stupid grin doesn't go away: a live demonstration of a real flying bike! Now we just need light sabers, golden robots with English accents, and hyperspace engines. More »

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" width="300" />Exclusive: Confessions from the Most Corrupt Apple Store in America

"The saying goes: Don't fuck with the person that serves your food," a former Apple Genius tells me over IM. "Don't fuck with the person who repairs your computer." He-we'll call him Ronald-spent six years as a member of Apple's Genius squad in a busy Southwestern store. It was a model store: shiny as the best of them, teeming, making money. But in back rooms and in plain sight, the employees ran wild: giving away computers, stealing phones, drunkenly destroying customer property. Ronald saw (and did) it all.. More »

The Worst Job at Google: A Year of Watching Beastiality, Child Pornography, and Other Terrible Internet Things

People put terrible things on the internet. Very terrible things. And it's someone's job to make sure that regular people don't run into them. But it's a terrifying job, and it understandably scars a lot of people who do it. Buzzfeed talked to one former employee who told the story. More »

The Best E-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes change everything for smokers. One day you're a societal menace, a pariah forced out onto the street to get your fix-the next you're dosing yourself with nicotine in the New York Public Library. More »

The 9 Most Ridiculous Moments of the Apple vs. Samsung Trial

The arguments in the Apple vs. Samsung patent showdown jamboree finally ended yesterday. That means we're finally coming to a resolution-or at least a breather until the appeals process begins. More »

This Is Not Your F*cking Office, Dickheads

Look, I'm from Spain. We Spaniards stay in cafés and bars and restaurants forever-ordering things to drink or eat, of course. But this? Listen up, hipsters: a coffee shop is not your own personal newsroom. More »

Scientists Clear Path to the Fountain of Eternal Youth

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered an efficient and totally safe method to turn adult blood cells "all the way back to the way [they were] when that person was a 6-day-old embryo." The discovery could be the key to cure the incurable-from heart attacks to severed spinal cord to cancer-and open the door, some day, to eternal youth. More »

Recording Industry Succeeds In Ruining a Kid's Life Over 31 Stupid Songs

Yesterday marked the end of Joel Tenenbaum's court battle with the RIAA over 31 songs he illegally distributed on Kazaa. A federal judge denied his latest appeal, and now he's on the hook for $675,000. That's nearly $22,000 per song, plus some wholesale character assassination that has now been sealed with judge's rubber stamp. More »