To remind you that there are still wonderful gorgeous things in this world, here is, as usual, the gift of the most beautiful items of the week.

A House You Cannot Throw Stones From/Be Naked In

You could never live in this all-glass house if you are a) obsessive compulsive, because think of the finger prints or b) you ever hope to be naked in privacy. But if you're a total exhibitionist, have at it! More

Two Gorgeous Lighters From When Smoking Was Still Cool

A lighter is not just a hunk of cheap plastic you use to fire up a smoke. It's also a matter of taste. And you can light up in style with a pair of vintage Braun lighters designed by Dieter Rams for sale on eBay. More

Here's the Only Tiny Kitchen You'll Ever Want to Brag About

I have a dream of living in a tiny apartment where everything is multifunctional and/or has the ability to transform. Beds that turn into desks. Bookshelves that hide a dining set. Side tables that contain an emergency chair. But what about the kitchen? More

This Is What Stylish Headphones for Ladies Look Like (Hint: They're Not Pink)

There's no shortage of great, well-designed headphones-but if you have a small face and are slight of build, finding a pair that doesn't give you a terrible headache after a few songs can be difficult. Earbuds are light and easy, but then you're left with all that ambiant noise. And many other headphones geared toward the female customer look more like they were designed for someone's kid sister. Alas! More

This Is A Thin House Is The Perfect Solution for a Crowded Neighborhood

This skinny house in Japan is almost 30-feet-high but not quite seven-feet-wide. Hopefully all of its occupants are short and small, because at its most svelte point, you could almost touch two opposite walls at once. More

Dutchess House Is a Glittering Jewel Box of a Country Retreat

Nestled in the heart of Duchess County, in upstate New York, Dutchess House No 1. is an aluminum clad hideaway with a surprisingly warm and cozy interior. More