You might be taking a vacation this weekend, but beauty doesn't go on holiday. Thus, here are the most gorgeous things we found over the last few days.

3D-Printed Table Lamps Bloom Like Flowers Filled with Light

Designer Patrick Jouin uses 3D-printing digital technology-rapid prototyping and 3D printing-to create his Bloom Table Lamp. More

It May Be Called the 'Desktop Chair,' but This iPad Stand Would Look Great in a Kitchen

The "Desktop Chair" is an iPad and MacBook stand designed by Moku Woodware, and looks like something that would fit in perfectly on your kitchen counter while cooking dinner and channeling your inner Emeril Lagasse. More

Sony's 84-Inch 4k TV Is Mammoth and Beautiful and We Want It Now

Sony just dumped one of the most monstrously gorgeous sets we've seen in some time—an 84-inch Bravia LCD with four times the resolution of today's top HDTV. It could be in your living room by the end of the year. More

An Adorable Espresso Maker That Won't Make You Hate Mornings

Sometimes you wake up and you hate everything. Even the coffee maker. In those low times, you might like having the Philips Senseo Twist, an adorable espresso maker that doubles up by brewing two shots at the same time. More

The Ladder Coatrack Is Not for Scaling Scaffolds

You wouldn't want to climb this ladder on account of it being a coat rack that's not capable of bearing your weight, but you'll want to hang your stuff on it. More

This Chair Is a Tribute to the Ocean, Said the Inside of a Hallmark Card

You can easily imagine this undulating three-person bench at a crazy surreal garden party hosted by Salvador Dalí. Named Baud, it was created by Vito Selma, and it was designed to be a "tribute to the ocean." More

Barrel Lamp Holds Nothing But Glorious Light

In their most unkempt forms, wood, concrete and steel are sturdy and raw materials. And when you can manage to combine the qualities of those materials with an aesthetic form, the results are often gorgeous. Such is the case with New Duivendrecht's Barrel Lamp. More

Yes, Someone Found a Way to Make Water Exciting

I don't really drink a lot of water. In the rare occasion that I do drink water, I get a lot of sideways looks from my friends (yes, I'm feeling OK). But I'm so enamored with Sebastian Bergne's Tower set-which includes cups, a filter and a caraffe-that I might have to start drinking that stuff on a regular basis.More