Just like that, the summer is over. The school year starts, the air turns crisp, and we pull out our sweaters. Here's a harvest of hot gadgets to fire up your fall right.

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The Best Ultrabook

The Lenovo X1 Carbon does the impossible. It makes a business laptop-a business anything-cool. Cool because it looks good, sure, but also because it works the way it's supposed to. More »


The Best Point-and-Shoot Camera

When the Sony RX100 was announced, its one-inch sensor and f/1.8 aperture seemed too good to be true. Near-DSLR power packed into a body the size of a compact point-and-shoot camera? Well, it worked.More »


The Best Kitchen Drawer Drill

The Bosch PS130-2A is like the Macbook Air of drills-light, powerful, and damn near perfect. It has the muscle to do almost everything a homeowner would need, but it's not an overbuilt brute. The spec sheet looks roughly the same as its competitors but the machine is put together in a way that just makes everything work. More »


The Best E-Cigarette

Oh holy hell yes the Njoy King is what all ecigs should be! Kings are different from any other ecig. Where others are hard and heavy-like a fountain pen dangling from your mouth-Kings are light and slightly squishy. When you roll a King between your fingers it feels so much like a real smoke that you almost believe it's real even though you know it's not. At just over three inches long, Kings are small, and each one is packaged in a slim box that snaps closed like a Zippo-Smart reinforcement!-and keeps the King safe and clean in your pocket... More »


Blue Microphones Tiki Review: The Perfect Little Computer Mic

No matter the computer, its built-in microphone is a piece of junk. But at just 2.3 ounces, the Blue Microphone Tiki might be the first USB mic designed well enough to be used by anyone. More »


The Best Laptop Bag

You probably had a Jansport backpack in high school. You probably decorated it with a bunch of buttons and Wite-Out. Jansport Cross Talk Messenger is not that. It's much better. $50 is an unbelievable deal for such a fantastic bag... More »


The Best Way to Make All of Your Audio Gear Sound Better

Using the AudioEngine D1 USB DAC and headphone amp any type of hardware, makes your music instantly come to life, with greater clarity, response, and a little extra punch to the bass... More »


The Best Fan For Your Desk

The Seville UltraSlimline EHF10190 12-Inch Personal Tower Fan has three speed settings. The highest cranks out 8 MPH-probably too loud for an office-but the lowest still delivers 4 MPH of breeze at a whisper. It's cheap-$25. It's modest-matte black plastic with subtle grilles. You've probably used a tower fan much like this one at some other point in your warm life, so you'll be right at home... More »