It's Kindle Day! Earlier this afternoon Amazon unleashed its Kindle HD: a gorgeous content-chomping Android tablet. Here's everything you need to know about the new features on the 7-inch and 8.9-inch versions Amazon's new monster, as well as its new best-in-class Kindle Paperwhite ereader. Get comfy; we've got a lot of ground to cover.

Kindle Fire HD: Better, Faster, Cheaper—Bigger! (Updated: HOLY CRAP)

The original is now $160. That's absurd. And now there's a big version.
The new Fire is a little sleeker and a little rounder—a nice change from the overly boxy first Kindle Fire. More »


Kindle Fire HD Hands On: Pretty Impressive—For the Price

The Kindle Fire HD is staggering on paper. In person, it's... pleasant. Which would be an equation for disappointment if you forgot for a second just how cheap this thing is.
Physically, the Fire HD is awesome. More »

Kindle Paperwhite: Amazon's New Amazing eReader

Here's Amazon's new E-Ink Kindle. The stunning new ereader only costs $119 and ships October 1st. We knew the Paperwhite would be a frontlit reader, but it's also got a new display-based on E-Ink's XGA display-that bumps its PPI... More »


Kindle Paperwhite Hands On: What a Beautiful Screen

The Kindle Paperwhite's screen is so awesome you wouldn't believe it's e-ink. Hell, I just saw it and I still don't believe it. It combines the paper-like text of e-ink screens with the usability of LCD screens but none of the eye strain. More »


Amazon's Crazy New 4G LTE Plan Gives You 250MB a Month for $50 a Year

Amazon surprised us by announcing a 4G LTE Kindle Fire today, along with the AT&T data plan: $50 a year gets you 250MB per month, 20GB cloud storage, and a $10 appstore credit. More »


How the Kindle Fire HD Stacks Up to the Competition

Now that the Kindle Fire HD is out from under wraps, it's time to start looking at how that TI OMAP 4470 chipset and 1900x1200 pixel screen compare to what the other notable tablets have to offer. More »


Kindle's New Whispersync for Voice Keeps Your Audiobooks Synced With Your Book Books

Like being read to? You'll dig Amazon's new Kindle feature, Whispersync for audio. Announced today at its shindig in L.A., it allows that going forward, audiobooks will sync up with your words-books, meaning you can read and listen along at the same time. More »


What Is MIMO?

At today's Kindle Fire HD unveiling, Jeff Bezos claimed the Fire HD will download content up to 40 percent faster than either the iPad or the Nexus 7. More »


Amazon's X-Ray for Movies Knows What You're Watching—And Who's In It

So this feels like the future: Amazon's X-Ray for Movies can tell what flick you're watching on your Kindle Fire HD, and gives you every piece of information you could ever want about it every time you pause. More »