It's Friday and what better way to celebrate than a deliciously fresh batch of the best iPhone apps of the week. We've got all kinds of tasty treats for you this time around, from a gift-giving tool to a trip planner, and so much more.

Travel +Leisure Tripeze: Whether you want to take a weekend drive in your own county or a month-long trek in a different hemisphere, this app will help you find your next destination. Based on your interests, it will give you destinations and suggestions of things to do when you get there. Free

Timbre: Want to catch some live music on your next trip to Austin (or whatever city you might find yourself in)? Timbre will let you find shows in your current location or another city. Don't know the artist? It will play you a little sample of their stylings. Free

Yokee: Maybe none of your friends are your friends IRL. If so, you can still have a karaoke party with them with Yokee, an app that lets you sing with your pals from afar. And if you have no friends or maybe you're just a karaoke enthusiast, you can do it solo, too. Free

Glympse: Maybe you're dealing with a crazy boyfriend who doesn't trust you or maybe your mother is really overbearing. There might be other uses, but this is taking oversharing to new heights. It lets you share your real time location with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text. One good caveat to that is you can designate how long you want them to be able to see your location. So if you take a left turn into a bar at 4pm, no one will ever know. Free

Giftly: Do your habitually forget birthdays, in spite of Facebook's convenient reminders? Take a crack at Giftly, which lets you send gifts from all kinds of stores to your friends. But wait, you say, gift cards are so impersonal. This app works around that conundrum—you can designate a specific item like a drink or a record or whatever you want that special person to have. Free