A lot has gone down this week, and even more is coming next week. Now that the iPhone 5's announcment has been announced, it's almost go time. Quick, catch up on the avalanche of new Kindles, the Nokia 920, the crazy PureView scandal, and the lastest iPhone 5 rumors while you still can; next week's gonna be a doozy.

Amazon's New Kindle Avalanche: Everything You Need to Know

It's Kindle Day! Earlier this afternoon Amazon unleashed its Kindle HD: a gorgeous content-chomping Android tablet. Here's everything you need to know about the new features on the 7-inch and 8.9-inch versions Amazon's new monster, as well as its new best-in-class Kindle Paperwhite ereader. Get comfy; we've got a lot of ground to cover. More »

This Amazing Optical Illusion Will Make You Hate Your Brain

Your mind is not playing tricks on you. These amazing animations were done on transparencies. A pair of images were printed on separate plastic sheets your high school math teacher used and one was slowly dragged over the other, resulting in crazy moving pictures, like PacMan eating bullets, or a cat running. More »

Nokia Faked Its PureView Demo and Then Claimed They Never Said It Was Real

When we watched the latest ad from Nokia showing off its PureView technology in the Lumia and ridiculously fluid optical image stabilization, we were stunned. Excited. Happy. If the camera on the Lumia was that good, we wanted it. Badly. Immediately. But sadly, it was faked. Nokia isn't showing off what the Lumia 920 can do-that video was shot with a big DSLR. More »

First Video of an iPhone 5 Booting Up

At this stage of the proceedings, Foxconn must be churning a trillion iPhone 5 units per second, getting ready for the September 12 launch. Nor surprisingly, it seems someone managed to smuggle one out of a factory in Jincheng, China. Not just parts, but an entire unit. More »

Nokia Lumia 920 Hands On: You Really Want This Thing-But Enough to Switch?

The Lumia 920 is wonderful. It's smooth and fast and sleek and has a ton of future-is-here features. But the question for Nokia-and for you-is, will it be enough? More »

iPhone 5: The Complete Rumor Roundup (Updated)

There's been so much rumor-hawking and speculation the past few weeks that whether you're ready or not, we're squarely in the middle of iPhone season. So here's a quick rundown of everything we think we know about Apple's next iPhone. More »

Chinese Clone Company Will Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 Design

The clone manufacturer who released an iPhone 5 knock-off last week now says that they will sue Apple if they release the real iPhone 5 in China. Surreal? Hilarious? Pathetic? All of the above. More »

AntiSec Leaks 1 Million Apple Device IDs Obtained During FBI Breach (Updated)

Antisec has released 1 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs), claiming that it obtained them after breaching an FBI computer. It also claims to have over 12 million IDs in total, along with user names, device names, cell phone numbers and addresses to go with them. This is very not good. More »

The iPhone 5 Is Coming on September 12

If you're holding out on buying an iPhone until the new one is out, mark down Apple's just-announced September 12 event on your calendar: that could be the day the phone is revealed. Posted by The Loop, the invite says the event will begin at 10 AM PDT at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. More »

What People in 1899 Thought the Year 2000 Would Look Like

If you asked me back in the year 2000, what 2012 was going to be like, I'm not sure I could have gave you a good answer. So you could imagine how wrong people back in 1899 were about the year 2000. They thought there were going to be flying firemen! More »