Congrats! You made it to the weekend. And your reward is a host of lovely things to gaze upon. Among the most beautiful items of the week are an amazingly restored farmhouse, a crazy outdoor bed, and much more.

18th Century Swiss Farm House Is Reborn as Beautiful Live/Work Space

Dating back to 1743, this historic farmhouse in the Swiss town of Muttenz/Basel was restored with careful attention to preserve its existing character while at the same time gaining a modern interior and exterior update. The result: a stunning space with tons of new room inside to work in, and a new modern residence back behind the original farmhouse structure. More

The Indestructible Concrete LED Lamp You'll Own For the Rest Of Your Life

Tired of accidentally knocking your bedside lamp to the ground in the middle of the night? Not only is that incredibly difficult with this heavy concrete O-Lite lamp, it also means the odds of it breaking as it hits the floor are slim to none. More

Adjustable Slats Make This Outdoor Bed (Almost) An All-Weather Bed

Though technically summer isn't over until later this month, Labor Day sadly marked its unofficial end. Even though the weather will soon begin to cool off, you can still enjoy this versatile outdoor bed. More

What the World's Most Famous Monuments Could Have Looked Like

Not every idea is a good idea when it comes to public architecture. In fact, some ideas are downright absurd-a Triumphal Elephant standing atop the Champs Elysees? Really? Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 of the wackiest national tributes to thankfully never be built. More

This Book Contains Every RGB Color That Exists

In case you sometimes struggle to visualize the RGB color space on a computer, American artist Tauba Auerbach has created a handy reference guide: a cubic book that shows off all the colors in existence. More

A Keychain To Stamp Your John Hancock Everywhere

Slap your signature all over everything like a very demure tag artist with these wonderful customizable inspector stamps. For $23 a pop, you can add your address, your website, your twitter handle if you're desperate, or whatever your little Lisa Frank-channeling heart desires. More