Apple's Phil Schiller said today that Apple had to work hard to make the new iPhone 5's camera fit in the thinner body. So how good (or bad) are its photos? Look at these official and allegedly unprocessed images (you know, unlike some of Nokia's).

The quality seems comparable to the previous generation, but I don't see some of the enhancements they claim.

Apple says that the iPhone 5 has improved noise reduction, but it seems similar to Apple's original iPhone 4S samples. Of course, we can't really compare until we test them side to side. But the samples—which are supposed to be the best looking photos they can publicize—don't look much different.

One curious thing is that Apple is not showing any night shots, even while they claim to have "better low-light performance." We will have to wait to see what this really means in our review. [Apple]

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