This week was Apple week, so you can't be surprised there's a lot of iPhone news to catch up on. If you haven't been keeping up, and you want to know the score, there's plenty for you below. And if you're sick and tired of hearing about Apple by now, don't worry; there's some non-Apple goodness tucked in there too. I promise.

Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need to Know

The new iPhone 5 is here. It's thinner and faster than ever, with a new form factor that uses a gorgeous panoramic screen with more resolutions and less consumption. It also surfs the web much faster, thanks to new LTE capabilities. And, just as we knew, it has a new smaller dock connector called Lightning. More »

Kindle Fire HD Review: Everything a Tablet Should Be-And Not Much More

In some ways, the idea of the first Kindle Fire was more impressive than the product itself. It was a $200 tablet that actually worked. That alone was mind-blowing. But after Google's Nexus 7 bombshell-and the iPad Mini looming-Amazon has to do more than cut costs this time. The Fire HD has to shine. More »

How to Buy an iPhone 5 Without Losing Your Unlimited Data Plan

So the iPhone 5 is coming out. Its LTE data speeds mean you'll stand a much better chance of blowing past your data caps, which in turn means those grandfathered Verizon and AT&T unlimited data plans are more precious than ever. Here's how to make sure you don't lose yours. More »

This Is What Happens When a Nuclear Bomb Explodes Under Water

According to Pat Bradley, one of the cameramen who documented US atomic tests during the 1950s, the Wahoo and Umbrella underwater explosions were more amazing than an atmospheric nuclear explosion. Watch this stunning video and listen to him explain his experience of living through the blasts. More »

The Worst Thing About the iPhone 5 Is Also the Most Brilliant

The iPhone 5 is many things. It's a pinnacle of product design. It's a mild annoyance for iOS app developers. It's very probably the next phone you buy. And it's also, by broad consensus of the people who follow these things, totally boring. More »

375 Completely Free Ebooks for Every Device

Last week Amazon dumped an avalanche of new Kindles on us. Huzzah for reading! Except, um, who wants to buy a whole library of ebooks? Here's a list of 375 free books formatted for iPad/iPhone, Kindle, or for your plain old computer screen. More »

Apple's iPhone Day Haul: The Full Rundown

Happy Apple Christmas! Tim Cook's Annual iPhone Gymboree didn't just give us a slick 4-inch, iPhone 5 with LTE-we got a beautiful new iPod Nano, a new version of iTunes, an upgraded iPod touch, plus tons more loot. Here's everything you need to know about the gadgets you'll be lining up to buy. More »

FBI's Sinister New $1 Billion Project Will Track Everyone By Their Face

How would you feel if the government could easily track your movements by automatically identifying your face on images captured by the ever-growing network of CCTV of cameras in America? The FBI is will be able to do just that soon, with its one-billion-dollar Next Generation Identification program. More »

13 Features the iPhone 5 Definitely Won't Have

Everyone is going crazy over all the new features that are being "confirmed" by Apple's website. Sure, that's fun, but we thought we'd do you one better. Instead of just telling you what will be in the iPhone 5, here's a list of what's been left on the cutting room floor. More »

Why You Don't Pay a Ticket with 137 Dollar Bills Folded into Origami Pigs

Everybody hates getting a ticket, so what better way to take the edge off than delivering payment in an inconvenient, quirky way? That'll show those cops who's boss! More »

Apple's Hacker Fix: Nuke Your iTunes Account, Refuse to Let You Back In

Last month, Apple's crazy-lax password reset protocol allowed Wired's Mat Honan to be hacked. Hard. It was a wake-up call for the company and its customers, a breach so severe it demanded an immediate solution.
What Apple came up with, though, might be just as nuts as the original problem: More »