As happens every time we get a new iPhone the prices of the older models were slashed. Apple announced that the 8GB iPhone 4 would be free with a two-year contract. Except Sprint doesn't have the deal. Now a supposedly leaked document reported by 9to5Mac reveals that you might not be able to get a iPhone 4 on Sprint after Friday. No free iPhone with unlimited data for you!

Sprint is the only carrier out there that still has truly unlimited data plans, which means that if the document is real, a free, unlimited data iPhone might never be in your future. According to the document published by 9To5Mac, the iPhone 4 will be removed from Sprint's "planogram" the day the iPhone 5 goes on sale. That most likely means that Sprint won't offer it anymore. While it could simply mean that Sprint will keep the iPhone 4 partially hidden from customers, the fact that they're still charging $100 for the phone with a contract is a strong indication that it'll be gone soon. In fairness, Apple did tell us not every carrier was going to be selling the iPhone 4 in the post-iPhone 5 world. Unfortunately, it looks like the cheapest carrier got cut. [9to5Mac via Electronista]


BGR reports that while Spring will stop selling the iPhone 4 in stores, it will continue to sell it online. No word on whether it will continue to cost $100 when it will be free everywhere else.