Bikes. Motorcycles. Roller derby. It's all perfect fodder for this week's Shooting Challenge, which freezes high velocity subjects in a blur of time.

Winner: Tokyo Drift

I recently build a "rig" for taking pictures of cars, and a couple of my friends and I went out the other night to test it out. We were taking pictures in a parking garage by us and as we were cleaning up, we got kicked out by a guy who worked there who said that the guy who had the shift before him might have called the cops on us, so needless to say we hurried up an left. I used photoshop to delete the pole that was in the image originally. Canon EOS 5D mk II, lens: 17mm-40mm, ISO: 160, f11, 5 second exposure.
- Scott Ruel

Roller Derby

Recently some girls in my city created a new roller derby team, and I'm something like the "official" photographer of the team, so I decided to give it a try with the challenge in one of the trainings. It was kind of hard, because it was at night and the light conditions were very poor, even the lens didn't help a lot (a wider aperture lens could be helpful) but at last I got one decent shot. Pentax K-5, Tamron 70-300mm, f/5.6, 1/10, ISO 4000.
- Manuel Velasco


This image was photographed using a canon 5d with a 24-105 canon L lens; i was also using a mono pod to keep the subject as sharp as possible shooting at 1/15th of a sec. I had the jumper do the jump about half a dozen times to get the right shot and perfect timing. when i panned, i didn't do a left to right pan, i wanted something a bit different and panned it with a sweeping motion. enjoy. Canon 5d, lens 24-105 (shot at 40mm), f/22, 1/15th, iso 100
- Lians Jadan


I started shooting motorcycles on track after riding and instructing on track myself for years. My photos were a hit, so I have turned it into a side business. This is a friend and local racer, and the track is Firebird Raceway near Phoenix, AZ. This photo was shot with a Nikon D300 and Nikkor 80-200 2.8 Exposure data: Focal length 200mm, aperture f/9, shutter speed 1/250 sec.
- Dean Rachwitz

Dizzy Drunk

As soon as I checked out the challenge, I instantly knew what I wanted to do...MERRY-GO-ROUND! I grabbed my gear, grabbed my model, and headed to the only park I knew of that still had one. We took a ton of photos on it and got dizzydrunk before she noticed this rad zip-slider thing behind us and hopped on it. We then took a ton more photos and this was the last shot we got before we both decided it was too hot and called it quits.

I had to pull the flash out as the sun was behind her a bit peeping out of the clouds. It really helped to freeze her in place as well. The flash was set approximately 5' to the right of the camera on a stand about 6' high and being remotely triggered by some eBay triggers. Canon 5DMKII, Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8, Canon 580 (Full power-1/1), ISO 100 | 28mm | f/20 | 1/30 sec
- Isaac Ladd

Dizzy Dizzy

My nephew's birthday party was this past Saturday, so I thought I could get some action shots of the kids running, but that did not work out very well. I thought hard about what I could shoot and finally realized there was a tire swing there. I crammed myself (a 6' tall man) and my other nephew Trey (a much smaller 10 year old) into the tire swing and had my brother spin us pretty quickly. As you can tell, it didnt come out 100% sharp (and I had a couple that did) but I loved his expression and pure joy in this shot. It was one of the last of the group of ~100 shots and happened when I leaned too far back and the tire bucked him almost into my lap. Canon T3i with 18-135 kit lens, 100 ISO, 1/15 s at F22 (and still overexposed since it was the middle of the day). Tweaked slightly in Lightroom to get the overexposure down a little.
- Billy Vardeman

Premium Rush!

After watching Premium Rush in the theaters, my roommate and I got inspired to take a Premium Rush Motion picture for this contest. Jeff McGehee - fixie rider, Sarah Beth Hawkins - car driver, Canon 7D, Canon 16-35/, f2.8,1/6, f 11, 160 iso, 20 mph
- Tim Nummy


This was kind of funny. I brought two of my students out for a photography class and we were trying to take pictures of cars as they passed by practicing this exact technique just yesterday. Our school is a small private one on a somewhat rural road in Maine. After taking pictures of 3 or 4 passing cars I checked my LCD to review them. After seeing all of the drivers were hillbillies and were staring right at us I decided it was time to go back inside. Sony Nex 5n, Sigma 30mm, Iso 100, F18, 1/30 Sec
- Thomas McMahon

Grand Prix Cycliste

Well I went to the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal and a shoot a couple of picture like these. I wanted to make a nice effect, we don't see these kind of picture in the journals etc. Canon 5D mark II with a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 (manual focus, was to infinity) ISO 50 and 1/50. I changed the aperture to get a exposure between 1/15 and 1/50 so I can't remember the aperture, won't show in EXIF because it's a manual aperture too. I did 1/30 sharp images, you can go see them on .
- Olivier Martel

Hong Kong Sandwich

Took this in HK this weekend! It was my first time there, loved the contrast of the old double decker trams and the ultra modern architecture. Nikon D90 , 0.7 Sec at f/16 ISO 320, 18mm
- Lorenzo Fo


I was rummaging through some ideas for motion blur when my friend over hears me and says to me, "me and a couple buds are going to do some dirt biking, why don't you come by?" To which i replied, "totally that sounds awesome". After shoveling holes and making dirt ramps for about an hour we were finally able to get the show on the road. This was shot with my Nikon D90 using a 18-55mm VR Nikkor Lens using an ISO 250, f/22, and the shutter was 1/60.
- Anthony Khaletsky


This was a super technical challenge, and it's impressive how many of you really got comfortable with a new technique in such a short amount of time with it. Kudos to you. The full gallery is below and the big shots are on flickr.