Following in the footsteps of other pocketable devices, Sekonic has launched the world's first touchscreen light meters featuring full color 2.7-inch LCD displays. As a result the units have had their typically complicated buttons streamlined into a much more functional UI.

In addition to providing accurate readouts on the lighting conditions on set or surrounding a particular subject, the new L-478D and L-478DR feature a rather brilliant and simplified exposure profiling feature that calibrates the light meters based on your DSLR's dynamic range. When the unit is connected to your PC it allows you to snap a sample image to determine if your camera is capable of capturing the highlights and shadows you're hoping for, and then making the appropriate exposure adjustments to compensate if it can't.

The L-478D is available now for $389, while the L-478DR is a touch more expensive at $469. But that's because it includes a PocketWizard wireless transmitter that allows the light meter to not only automatically trigger compatible flashes when taking a reading, but also make power adjustments all from its touchscreen UI. In theory both of these devices could have been re-imagined as an iPhone accessory working alongside a custom iOS app, but the fact that each of them runs on easily swappable AAA batteries it means a shoot won't be delayed because the photographer's phone is dead.


[Sekonic via PetaPixel]