This week we finally witnessed the arrivial of the iPhone 5, but it brought with it a pretty questionable and sometimes horrifying map app. But that's not all, NASA is working on warp drive, we delve into the bleak world of Internet cam girls, we caught a peek of (maybe) the iPad Mini, and watched a rapper lose his Google-virginity. Catch up below.

iPhone 5 Meta-Review: A Better iPhone In Every Way

The first reviews of the iPhone 5 are out and everyone's in unison: the larger screen, the impossibly thin (and light!) body and the increased speed all make for the best iPhone ever. But is it for you? More »

NASA Starts Work on Real Life Star Trek Warp Drive

"Perhaps a Star Trek experience within our lifetime is not such a remote possibility." These are the words of Dr. Harold "Sonny" White, the Advanced Propulsion Theme Lead for the NASA Engineering Directorate. Dr. White and his colleagues don't just believe a real life warp drive is theoretically possible; they've already started the work to create one. More »

This Looks Like the First Photo of a Fully Working iPad Mini

Knowing the accuracy of the iPhone 5 leaks and the increased number of photos of the 7.8-inch iPad parts from the same sources, I have almost no doubt that this is a real, fully working Apple iPad mini. That means that the launch must be really close right now. More »

Watch a Rapper Hilariously Use Google for the First Time

DMX, a rapper I loved so much growing up that I had a poster of him in my room, is an interesting character. He's been hugely successful even though he's really hard to understand. He raps when he speaks. He growls. He's intimidating. He's also, apparently, never ever used Google on a computer before. Watch him use it for the first time here. It's great. More »

Indentured Servitude, Money Laundering, and Piles of Money: The Crazy Secrets of Internet Cam Girls (NSFW)

If you think cam girls-those flirty naked characters that plague porn site pop-up ads-are raking in easy money, you're right. If you think cam girls are bleakly stripping online out of desperation, you're also right. Peel away the sex and pixels and money and you're left with the cloudy truth about the Internet's relationship status with these on-demand entertainers: it's complicated. More »

This Hilarious iPhone 5 Parody Video Tells the Real Truth About the iPhone 5

When you watch Apple talk about any of its products, it's always the same: ridiculously passionate comments about the tiniest details, inspirational music that hypnotizes you to open your wallet and a lot of catchy phrases and buzzwords that you're not even sure are real. But it's not all unicorn steel and rainbow glass with the iPhone 5 though! This parody of the iPhone 5 promo video by John Elerick is the hilarious truth of what Apple really wants to say. Watch it. More »

Apple's New 3D Maps Are an Apocalyptic Horror Show

The move from Google Maps to Apple's homespun cartography in iOS 6 has been a sticking point for people, largely because it's the turd in a very ornate punch bowl. And while Apple's fancy 3D maps were supposed to tide us over until the rest of Maps got better, they seem to be having their own problems. So we've gone ahead and rounded up some of the more... interesting deviations. More »

The Most Insane Lego Machine I've Ever Seen

Madness. This. Is. MADNESS! Its creator calls this machine the Lego Great Ball Contraption. I don't know what to call it. Gjhiqjmvcdzz. Askjgsprgnyasdkfnipjreg. Thqruwm—I've no words to describe the awe that I've experienced watching this video. It surprised me at every step. I've never ever seen any contraption so glorious and crazy. More »

13 Features the iPhone 5 Definitely Won't Have

Everyone is going crazy over all the new features that are being "confirmed" by Apple's website. Sure, that's fun, but we thought we'd do you one better. Instead of just telling you what will be in the iPhone 5, here's a list of what's been left on the cutting room floor. More »

iOS 6: All the Best New Features

Today is the day iOS 6 arrives, and it's going to make your iPhone better than it's ever been before. Why should you upgrade? There are so, so many reasons. More »

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: A Side by Side iPhone Comparison

We've talked plenty about the flaws inherent in Apple Maps, and where it differs from Google Maps on paper. But how wide is the disparity between the two in actuality? We stacked two iPhone 4Ses side-by-side (one running iOS 5, one running iOS 6, both on wi-fi with GPS on), and let the two mapping apps do battle. More »