Sports betting website has refunded all bets on the Green Bay Packers from last night's Monday Night Football game, due to the the unbelievably terrible call to end the game.

The bets are being returned as site credit, not actual currency, which is to be expected. The controversy over the call surrounds the final play of the game, when the Seattle Seahawks scored a touchdown to win the game and cover the 3 point spread. The Seattle receiver shoved a Packer player out of the way before putting his hands on the ball, which another Green Bay player appeared to have caught and, by rule, intercepted. It was ruled a touchdown for Seattle, even though the two officials didn't seem to agree on the ruling.

While isn't one of the top books, this isn't an empty gesture. The New York Times cites estimations that including offshore betting, Monday Night Football games generate over $250 million dollars in bets per game—much of it online. It's a PR move for, for sure, but still better than online gamblers have traditionally been treated by the sites holding their money. [NY Times, Image via Glen McGregor]