You'll never be lacking the necessary bit with Worx's new semi-automatic electric screwdriver that uses reloadable cartridges and a slide-action mechanism to switch tips. Just be careful not to wander into any convenience stores with it after doing repairs, because one look at the screwdriver and the clerk will be hitting the silent alarm.

The WX254L actually comes with two cartridges that each hold up to six bits and can be swapped in and out of the screwdriver as needed. And when locked and loaded switching bits is as easy as pulling back a sliding access panel, rotating the cartridge, and then closing it back up. As far as electric screwdrivers go the WX254L is on the smaller side making it slightly easier to squeeze into tight spots. And an LED task light means you won't be blindly poking at screws in dark corners. Available for $50 starting in early December, the screwdriver seems to appeal to a generation weened on first person shooters that now has to battle something even worse than zombies or monsters—home renovations and repairs.

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