An ABC investigation has found what you might have suspected all along; if you leave your iPad with airport security, a TSA agent might just keep it for himself.

The investigators went to 10 airports and put iPads through the screening machines in the little plastic containers, and then didn't claim them just to see what would happen. Nine out of ten iPads were immediately returned to their owner, but as you'll see in the video below, one TSA dirtbag walked away with the iPad. ABC filmed the theft and traced the iPad to the home of the crook.


You almost feel bad for the jerk who stole the iPad when Brian Ross shows up at his house. Then you remember that this criminal is also in charge of making sure your plane doesn't get bombed by a terrorist. Since 2003, 381 agents have been fired for stealing. Lord knows there are countless more who are getting away with it, just like this agent would have if a team of investigators hadn't been tracking the iPad's every move. Horrifying. [ABC via PetaPixel]

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Image: Jeff Swensen / Getty Images