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The Best iPhone Apps September 2012

The end of the month is here, and that means it's time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps. Which ones were tops?


Skitch: We're huge fans of Skitch here at Gizmodo-it's a simple, straightforward way to illustrate your photos with arrows, circles, lines, and text to demonstrate a point. And beyond that, it's fun! And now it works on your iPhone. Free

Navigon: Apple maps in iOS6 are god awful and they might get you lost or just completely misinterpret where you want to go. If you're looking for an alternative, Garmin just updated Navigon for the latest os, and in addition to transit directions and turn-by-turn navigation, it has a few things you might be longing for, like Street View and Google place listings. $49.99

Gojee: You have like six things in your pantry and you want to make dinner without going to the store. What do you do? Load up this app, enter those items, and it will give you suggestions of what to make. And if you're planning ahead, it has tons of other recipes for whatever it is you're craving. Free

Tripeze: Whether you want to take a weekend drive in your own county or a month-long trek in a different hemisphere, this app will help you find your next destination. Based on your interests, it will give you destinations and suggestions of things to do when you get there. Free

Giftly: Do your habitually forget birthdays, in spite of Facebook's convenient reminders? Take a crack at Giftly, which lets you send gifts from all kinds of stores to your friends. But wait, you say, gift cards are so impersonal. This app works around that conundrum-you can designate a specific item like a drink or a record or whatever you want that special person to have. Free

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The Best Android Apps September 2012

It's a new month and that means new apps.


Bloomberg Radio+: News junkies and finance nerds, this one is dedicated to you-Bloomberg's radio app will bring you perspective on global issues from guests like Bill Clinton, George Soros, and more, streaming 24 hours a day. Miss an interview? You can listen later, even if you're offline. Free

Sonar: This friend-finding app has been on iOS for more than a year, but it just launched on Android. It will dig into your social networks to find people you might know nearby. We've honestly only ever used it in airports, and never actually used it to meet up with someone because we feel kind of weird about that. Free

Tripayo: This is kind of the ultimate travel app. Not only will it help you meet other people on your journey, it will let you boot flights and hotels. If you're the type who prefers the backpack/hostel method, this is right up your alley. Free

uTorrent: Can't wait to download that TV show. Now you can do it from your phone. From the people who created BitTorrent more than 10 years ago comes an app that lets you find and download torrents on your device with you no size or speed limits. Free

Quora: If you could have any super power what would you have, and other questions you could use Quora to find the answers to. The service has existed for quote a while, and now it has an Android app. Free

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The Best iPad Apps September 2012

Here are the iPad apps you should download to play on your new iPad.


Feed: There are tons of music making apps out there, but none as beautiful as Feed. Loop, cut, distort, and record sounds, and as you do, beautiful multi-colored illustrations appear on the screen. $1.99

NFL '12: Don't miss a minute of the 2012 football season with the official NFL app. Check out live updates and scores, follow your favroite teams, and listen to live commentary. You can also watch games, but you have to purchase a pass from within the app. Free

Net-A-Porter: Oh those Lanvin sneakers look good. And if you can't wait to snag a pair for yourself, now you can buy your designer duds anywhere, anytime from your iPad from online retailer Net-A-Porter's new iPad app. You can buy shoes, clothes, accessories, and all the haute couture your closet can handle, just in time for fall. Free

NextGuide: The guide on your television is a piece of crap. You have to scroll through titles of shows and nothing sticks out. NextGuide is trying to reinvent that by linking up with your cable account and offering up a few of your favorite shows, actors, and interests, all arranged in a grid. Unfortunately, just Hulu and DirecTV are supported. Free

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The Best Windows Phone Apps September 2012

It's been a pretty busy few months for Windows Phone 7 and there are new titles worth featuring. Here are some new apps worth downloading to your device.


PayPal: The PayPal app finally made its way to Windows Phone this month. Manage your payments, monitor your accounts, and keep a tighter fist around your funds with the new WP-compatible app. Free

BitSynth: Those who still love the original Mario Brothers score, can recreate their own versions of old school video game soundtracks in this music making app. You get a 2-octave keyboard with 8 different voices to choose from to make your own digital music. Free

Crackle: Want to catch the newest movies on your phone? Choose from Crackle's vast selection to stream full length flicks whereever you are. Free

Box: Are you a Box user? Now you can manage the stuff you store in the cloud from your Windows phone with this new app. Free

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