We're back again with a smorgasbord of lovely things for you to enjoy. From a sleek leaning lamp to a book shelf that doubles as a chair, these are the most beautiful items of the week.

The Leaning Lamp That Will Deliver Pop Music Flashbacks

This lamp bends at such a dramatic angle it's nearly infringing on Michael Jackson's patented lean from the "Smooth Criminal" video. More

Book-Shelf or Reading Chair? The Choice Is Yours.

Everyone loves the aesthetic of an unorganized pile of books. The Once Upon a Time bookshelf, by Fabio Vinella, is just that, but certainly much better looking. Once Upon a Time, a beautifully built walnut bookshelf, features a useful platform that can be home to a reading lamp, or made into a seat if you enjoy lounging amongst your sacred tomes. More

This Air Force Officer Looks Like He's Serving on Another Planet

Look at this badass soldier. In this beautiful picture, 1st. Lt. Drew Parks helps guide a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet through the gorgeous, star-speckled night sky of Kuwait as a part of Operation Spartan Shield. Parks is a JTAC, or a joint terminal attack controller, meaning he helps things along in the air-communications, air traffic, gun fire, attack plans, and general support-from the ground. More

Gorgeous Lamps Look Like They Were Swiped Straight From a Forest

These beautiful lamps from Vita look like giant snow covered pine cones grabbed right off a tree. In reality, they're DIY flat pack kits made of polypropylene, polycarbonate, and goose feathers that make for some really gorgeous light sources. More

This Beautiful Design Finally Fulfills the Washer's Round-Machine Destiny

Could sharp, pointy corners and box-like form factors join faux-wood finishes in the industrial design graveyard? Bauknecht, Whirlpool's European brand, has collaborated with German designer Arman Emami to create this stunning round washing machine that looks like it belongs front and center in your living room-not your basement. More

Go Ahead, Stare at This Body

The Ponte table by Strala is all about the legs. With its glass top, your eyes are immediately drawn to the angular solid oak undercarriage. More

Alternative Versions of Iconic Buildings and Monuments

It's always fun wondering what if. What if Apple used a different design on the iPhone? What if the iconic structures and famous buildings we know so well now were replaced by alternative versions? It could've happened! More

Vintage Headphone Cups Make for Wonderful Coat Hooks

Koss Pro4AA headphones are ancient classics you can still buy for $100, but if you're finding their steel construction a bit uncomfortable these days, why not repurpose the old cans into a delightful wall accessory? More