Tomorrow evening President Barack Obama will debate challenger Mitt Romney in the first of what are sure to be a series of rousing debates leading up to election day in November.

If you're interested in the politics and issues at hand, you've got a scintillating hour and a half of pre-written responses to various questions to look forward to. And if you're not interested, too bad, there's going to be nothing else on TV. So whether you're tuning in by choice or not, here's everything you need to stay entertained during tomorrow night's debate. (In addition to your TV remote's mute button.)

7-Eleven Election Coffee

For a good portion of the country the debate won't be starting until 9pm at night. And that's well past a lot of adult bedtimes. So 7-Eleven's election-themed coffee will let you stay awake and alert, and show support for your party. As long as you're a Republican or a Democrat. ~$1

Obama and Romney Pooping Candy Toy

Anything on TV is better with snacks, and these wind-up miniature plastic versions of Mitt and Barack will wander about leaving a trail of red, white, and blue candy behind them. Each piece is like a sugary sweet campaign promise, and will be just as stale and forgotten after election day. $9

Gunlocke Oval Office Chair

If you're gonna settle in for the entire hour and a half debate, you better have someplace comfortable to sit. And what could be more appropriate than the Gunlocke chair that's been used in the Oval Office by presidents like Roosevelt, Johnson, and Kennedy? That leather finish also looks more comfy and safer than Lincoln's theater chair. $4,000

President Obama and Mit Romney Masks

In true MST3K fashion your responses to the hard-hitting questions are sure to be more entertaining than how the candidates respond. And to make things more enjoyable you can look the part with these cheap Obama and Romney masks. They're so cheap that come November you won't feel bad about tossing away the inexpensive loser's likeness. $8

Etch A Sketch 2012 USA Election Red vs. Blue Edition

As the debate drags on you might find yourself looking for some distraction. And what's better than doodling? Doodling on official 2012 election-themed Etch A Sketchs. Get one in red or blue and draw a likeness of your favorite candidate that no one will probably be able to distinguish. $18


Oh screw it. We all know the only way to truly enjoy the debate is to skip it altogether. And since every network with anything worth watching will be televising the event, just grab yourself a Netflix subscription if you haven't already. Even ancient reruns of Firefly are better than enduring an entire evening of political rhetoric. $8/month

Images by Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press