While there are some very cool controllers coming out for tablet gaming, it's going to be frustrating to get them to work with any given game. Why? Because the controls for touch gaming are so new, and the ecosystem for mobile games is so fragmented, that the special bluetooth (or 30-pin) controller you spent a mint on could end up being as useless as the frustrating touchscreen d-pad that your finger can never find. It's a bummer, especially since gaming on a tablet with proper controls can be so much fun.

Today's Dealzmodo exclusive is a bundle for the tablet gamers out there. It comes with a capacitive joystick that will work with all games using a touchscreen d-pad, which is a lot of games. There's a carrying case so you don't have to worry about breaking your tablet when you're gaming on the subway. And you get an adorable little robotic headphone splitter for two-person gaming in public places—the Y-Bot lets you play 2-person Fruit Ninja on the bus. And the best part is that we've worked with our friends at Accessory Genie to bring you this bundle, at over half off the retail price. Then you can take $10 more off with the code GIZGENIE30.


Remember: as opposed to most bluetooth controllers, this bundle is universal: it'll work with the iPad, the joystick would look great with the Nexus 7, and it can handle the Kindle Fire HD. Hell, the joystick will work with any smartphone too. Nothing in the bundle will become obsolete if, say, the tablet you buy next year has a different charger. But that won't happen, right? Better be prepared, just in case. [Accessorie Genie]

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