Apparently, there is such thing as a valet service for phones. Seriously! Phones, tablets and iPods are banned in New York City public schools and though that rule is typically ignored, 88 schools in NYC have metal detectors, which means those kids have to store their phones with a 'valet service'.

It's a pretty ridiculous racket. The Washington Post reports that there are phone storage trucks parked outside of schools where kids hand over a dollar to store their phones before they head to class. To pick up the phone after school, they hand over their ticket. They do this everyday, at a dollar a day. This is something that really exists!

It's not completely 100% safe—a phone valet truck actually got robbed before—but storing your phone with a valet service seems slightly better than not having a phone after you end school (especially if you commute)? I don't know. What do you guys think? Should the NYC school system start allowing phones on school grounds or at least allow kids to store phones in a classroom? And if that won't happen, are these phone valet services a necessary evil?