Akron, former Rubber Capital of the World and a prime worldwide target for terrorists located in the state Ohio, suffered the attack of a walking stick last Wednesday. No, seriously, this is not from The Onion.

The stick had the phrases "Natural Hunka Kaboom" and "This is not a weapon" written with a Sharpie, a clear sign of mischief.


Naturally, the police thought the walking stick was a weapon that could go kaboom, because—duh! So they evacuated City Hall, where it was found. After all, I mean, what else can a long walking stick with the word kaboom on it may be? Obviously, it's a typical bomb, stupid! A typical hollow bomb with no cables or detonation mechanism.

Except it was not. It was just a walking stick homemade with a shower curtain rod and duct tape on both sides. The stick belonged to a man named Natural Hunka Kaboom, aka James Kaboom. The man says he left his walking stick in the building.

According to the chief of police, "our officers did talk to him. They said it was a walking stick. Didn't appear there was any intent to create a panic or any hysteria at the city hall."


Thank you Mr. Kaboom and the Akron City Hall's security forces for providing with this absurd bit of news for all of us to laugh. [News5 via Arbroath]